In many cases, yes. Our work is eligible for co-funding support from NZTE and Callaghan Innovation.
Callaghan Innovation's programmes include Better by Lean, Digital Lean and Driving Innovation.
NZTE provide Development Vouchers through the Regional Business Partner Network (RBP) Growth Advisors. Reach out if you want more information.

Please take a look around the website and visit our resources page. We are constantly updating with new information and tools you can immediately implement. If you want to learn more about getting started with your own IMS Project, or how you can measure the effectiveness of your current system, then click the 'Say Hello' button.

We know every business is different and we are able to provide the level of support you require. During the assessment phase, we work to understand your goals and ambitions, your issues and frustrations and, together, we co-design an improvement plan that outlines your role, our commitments to you and the co-funding available. We do not tie you in to any long-term arrangements and you are free to adjust the level support whenever and however you require.

Fit is important. How will they work with you, the Senior Leadership Team and the rest of the business. We also recommend you take some time to look at their case studies, their qualifications and the quality of their material.

Digital means a few things for us:
- Digital delivery. We leverage technology to support professional, cost-effective delivery (ask us how to implement your management system directly into Microsoft Teams). In addition to using a number of digital tools, we offer regular webinars and digital materials (videos, 'how to' guides and downloadable tools) that you can use to help your business
- 'Digital Lean' is Callaghan Innovation programme in the 'pilot' phase, which means Callaghan are testing the efficacy. We are one of six providers working with NZ businesses on their Industry 4.0 journey.
- Finally, we want to help you implement digital tools in your business. We don't think you can work on productivity and innovation projects without incorporating digital tools. We can help your team solve real business problems using digital tools.

Our members only site is a resource for our clients.
Each client will have a management folder, this is a secure area that contains documents and photos that are specific to that client. For example, project plans, monthly reports and that photos of the whiteboard when the next new product was conceived!
The site also contains all the training content we use on our programs. When you need to return to something you learned previously, you'll be glad to know it is all in one place and easy to find.

Our Operational Excellence program is an invitation only program. The participants are all selected by their employers and they need to have shown the ability to manage their time, solve problems and coach others.

We love working with the people on this program and seeing the value they add to their business. Many of these participants are the leaders of tomorrow.